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  • Kings' College Dubai extends an outstanding wealth of academic and extra-curricular resources to its students.
    Kings’ College Dubai

An academically selective and highly sought-after school, Kings’ College Dubai was launched in 2004. The school is renowned for the commendable way it excels the KHDA’s inspections. The school is dedicated to moulding its students into excellent performers in academia and competitive sports. Through a varied assortment of world-class facilities and engaging programs, Kings’ College Dubai has been tirelessly striving towards excellence since it first opened its doors.

Ranked as an “outstanding schools” for eight consecutive years by the KHDA, Kings’ College Dubai has been setting and breaking records for ages. A friend of mine teaches at the school and agreed to share her thoughts on life at the school for this review. Here’s what you need to know.

Rates and prices

The annual fees at Kings’ School Dubai vary from 40.777 dirhams for foundation students to 62.058 dirhams for sixth graders. Additional fees for miscellaneous charges are to expected, including assessment and registration fees. Kings’ School is an academically selective institution and is willing to extend its resources to exceptional students via its new scholarship initiative.


Kings’ College Dubai has two locally-based branches – one in Al Barsha and the other in Nad Al Sheba. The Nad Al Sheba branch is suitable for children aged from three to 11. If parents wish to continue their child’s education with the school beyond the sixth grade, they will graduate to the Al Barsha branch that accepts students until the age of 18. Both schools are located in areas that are convenient to access, with an appropriate amount of on-site and off-site parking.


Kings’ College Dubai considers moulding its students into global citizens one of its prime objectives. It encourages parents to educate their children in Dubai, and claims that it will change them forever. The school also strives to equip its students with a wide array of proficiencies, in various areas of their life – right from academics to art and sports to sculpting.


Once students are done working with words and numbers in the classroom, they spend the rest of their time flexing their creating muscles at Kings’ School Dubai. As part of its expressive arts department, the school offers five studio areas, a sculpture and ceramics workshop, outdoor working areas, a sculpture garden, a specialist library, and resource rooms. Kings’ College Dubai claims to offer outstanding sporting facilities that help produce world-class competitive athletes. Other extra-curricular activities featured at the school include ballet, engineering, yoga, origami, creative photography, chess and even a Lego club.

Academic reputation

Kings’ College Dubai is a popular name in the academic society. One of its most notable achievements is being ranked as an outstanding school by the KHDA for nearly a decade. The school does a brilliant job teaching all subjects, except Arabic, which has caught the KHDA’s attention. In addition to this, another area of improvement Kings’ College Dubai has been asked to focus on is the support it provides students with special physical and educational needs.


The student population at Kings’ College Dubai comprises mostly British students, with a total number of 48 nationalities represented. The school is all about cultural awareness, though. Since Kings’ College Dubai aims to help its students develop a sense of global awareness, Week Without Walls is one of the most highly-anticipated events on its calendar. Previous international adventures have included trips to Borneo, Kenya, Nepal and Cambodia. Some valuable tips and tricks the students have picked up during their time overseas are scriptwriting, filmmaking, learning the languages of China, and immersing themselves in a variety of foreign cultures.

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Al Barsha 03 and Nad Al Sheba, Dubai




“Week Without Walls” overseas excursion
Ranked “outstanding ” for 8 years
Recently launched a scholarship initiative
Offers National Curriculum for England
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