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  • GEMS International has carefully tailored its campus to create a tranquil atmosphere for students, teachers, and parents.
    GEMS International

Recently launched in 2013, Gems International School categorises itself as a premier school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The school offers a refreshing change from traditional “no gadgets in class” restrictions. It promotes digital citizenship, and students are encouraged to use their devices to invoke technological curiosity. It also offers digital learning coaches for students that need a helping hand. The school aims to provide its students with an exceptional learning experience through a wealth of facilities, an involved teaching faculty, diverse sporting options, and a collection of engaging extra-curricular activities.

GEMS is a renowned educational community in the UAE. With every passing year, an increasing number of schools are added to its collection. Here’s a summary of GEMS International School, Al Khail – one of the more recently established schools under the GEMS title.

Rates and prices

The fee structure at GEMS International School features three tiers. The first is a 1000 dirham registration fee. This is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and non-adjustable. The entry fee is priced at 2500 dirhams. This is followed by the annual fee that ranges 47.477 dirhams for kindergarteners to 66.054 dirhams for tenth graders. Fees are payable through a variety of ways – cash, credit card, cheque, wire transfer, or direct online payment. More details on its website.


The UAE has the largest concentration of GEMS schools in the world, currently standing at 47 institutions. GEMS International School is located along Al Khail Road, and is best accessed via the Al Marabea Road overpass. While not massively convenient, the driving instructions on the school’s website are comfortingly precise for when your GPS sends you off in endless circles.


GEMS is a regionally renowned name, and has spent half a century building its reputation from the ground up. Now it’s one of the most sought-after educational communities in the UAE. The school is incredibly progressive and devotes itself to moulding its students into globally-aware citizens. The school promotes student curiosity and leads through innovation. GEMS students are constantly updating their skill set, with the help of the school’s interesting programmes.


GEMS campus has been specifically tailored to encourage student enthusiasm. This is accomplished with the help of spacious classrooms soaked in natural light, a dance studio, a black box theatre, speciality science, technology, and performing arts classrooms, fully-equipped music rooms, and a vast library stocked with literature ranging from newly published literature to the classics. There’s also a parent’s cafe, in addition, a cafeteria with healthy food options for students. The sporting facilities include a 25-meter swimming pool, a full-sized football pitch, a sports hall, outdoor game courts, indoor and outdoor kindergarten play zone, a sports hall, and a learner pool.

Academic reputation

GEMS International has received mixed reviews from parents with students enrolled at the school. While some claim that their children are enjoying their time here and that the school grounds create a tranquil ambience, others claim that the teachers don’t have polished skills and that they’re disappointed with their children’s student experience. When it boils down to the leading vote, the school has received more positive reviews than negative ones.


GEMS International doesn’t claim to have a large population of any particular nationality. The school’s student population represents 64 nationalities. Islamic studies is an option for students who wish to pursue it, and is instructed in Arabic. The school also features allocated prayer rooms for Islamic students. Cultural awareness is a major priority to GEMS International.

04 339 6200


Al Khail Road (E44), Dubai




Enrolling online is an option
Campus features a full-sized football pitch
Classes feature a digital learning coach
GEMS International offers the IB programme
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