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  • Dubai British School is an official Taaleem school. It participates in all Taaleem educational and sporting events.
    Dubai British School

Having opened its doors in 2005, Dubai British School has rapidly become one of the most celebrated schools in the UAE. An official Taaleem, it partakes in all Taaleem educational and sporting events. At Dubai British School, students are kept constantly engaged via a combination of interesting lessons, world-class facilities, and educational programs. The senior leadership team and teaching faculty are multi-national, encouraging a diverse environment on campus.

A friend of mine has three kids enrolled in the Dubai British School. They’ve been going to this school ever since their first finger painting session in kindergarten. Their parents have nothing but great things to say about the school. Here’s a summary of everything it offers its students.

Rates and prices

The annual fees at Dubai British School range from 46.096 dirhams for the younger students to 69.145 dirhams for the older students. The application fee is 500 dirhams, and is non-refundable. New students will be charged up to 30% of the annual fee as part of registration charges. Additional fees are applicable to debentures, examinations, transport, and uniforms.


Families that live in The Springs will find Dubai British School incredibly convenient to reach. The school is situated in Springs 03, Emirates Hills. Public transportation in this area is relatively scarce. Parents can subscribe to the school’s transportation services at an additional price.


Students at Dubai British School are encouraged to be critical thinkers. One of the school’s prime objectives is to mould its students to adapt to the world’s constantly changing social landscape. Students are taught in an engaging way, with teachers aspiring to make the lesson plan enticing and downright enjoyable. Kids are heavily encouraged to be creative and ambitious.


Dubai British School features a cutting-edge collection of modern facilities. These include a swimming pool, multi-purpose sports hall, six science laboratories, gym, auditorium with stadium seating, common study rooms, private practice music rooms, wireless internet all over the school, a cafeteria with healthy outlets, spacious football pitch, and a design and tech workshop.

Academic reputation

Dubai British School is a highly sought-after institution in Dubai. According to the KHDA, the school has performed well in most categories. Similar to most Western schools in Dubai, it lacks in the Islamic studies and Arabic department. Its SEN department is small too, comprising three teachers. Apart from this, the school has a positive reputation in the educational community. It’s a Taalem school, and participates in all associated events. Students at the Dubai British School are kept engaged with extra-curricular activities, proficient teachers, and well-structured programs.


A majority of Dubai British School’s student population hails from the United Kingdom. The school is claimed to have a multicultural and inclusive environment, with the remainder of the student body comprising 50 other nationalities. Five percent of students are estimated to have SEN.

04 361 9361


Springs 03, Emirates Hills, Dubai




An active member of the Taaleem community
Offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities
School tour can be booked via the website
CIS accredited educational institution
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