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  • Laimoon is based in four local emirates, and offers career opportunities from all over the globe

Laimoon hit the ground running when it was recently launched in the UAE. This trendy recruitment website has its finger on the pulse of the Middle East’s budding talent. With a handful of successful years in the industry, Laimoon has now spread its influence across the globe. The recruitment website offers career options everywhere from Australia to Angola.

After having just completed his degree in fashion technology, my nephew wanted to get his career rolling. With the majority of recruitment websites in the UAE focusing on technical fields like property or oil and gas, he found himself browsing Laimoon for employment opportunities. His hope was restored in the local recruitment industry when he was spoiled for choice with the array of options Laimoon offered in the fashion and design sector. Here’s the low-down on his experience, from clicking on a job vacancy post to signing a contract with his new employer.

Industry coverage

Laimoon leaves no industry unturned. Its list is wide and diverse, covering classic sectors like engineering and secretarial services to locally budding fields like fashion and fitness. My nephew was impressed to see more than just a handful of jobs featured in the fashion section. He perused vacancies for master cutters and dressmakers, before settling on an advert for an emerging fashion designer. His favourite part was it didn’t feel like he was compromising.

Service and expertise

Despite Laimoon’s booming popularity in the regional recruitment field, my nephew didn’t feel neglected or buried under the weight of fellow job applicants. The company answered his questions with impeccable details, and walked him through the process of applying for a job. Laimoon understood that he was a fresh graduate, and went the extra mile to ensure he wasn’t wandering aimlessly in the dark. They made an extra effort to ensure he had a smooth ride.


On the morning of his interview, my nephew was struck with the flu. This left him in a condition that wouldn’t allow him to leave his bed, let alone slip into a suit and attend an interview. Without seeming fazed, Laimoon empathised with his condition and offered to reschedule the interview. They restored his confidence by encouraging him to not worry. My nephew was massively impressed and pleased that the company was so accommodating.

Speed of service

After circulating his CV to numerous companies, Laimoon geared my nephew up with a detailed brief about the company and its job spec. A representative called my nephew and briefly prepped him for his interview the following day. The company didn’t skip any details, ensuring he had everything from the employer’s number to its precise location in hand. Three interview rounds and two weeks later, my nephew (sparkling new briefcase and shoes in tow) was off to his first day on the job. Laimoon made it an incredibly positive experience from the start.

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The Lofts, Building 3, Entrance C, Unit 212, Dubai Media City, Dubai




Offers global career opportunities
Based in four local emirates
Offers corporate training courses
Free job posting on the website
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