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Irwin and Dow

  • With REC certified consultants, Irwin and Dow is taking the UAE by storm
    Irwin and Dow

With the influx of new companies and startups in Dubai, there’s an increase in the number of secretarial vacancies. Irwin and Dow recognised this as the perfect opportunity to launch a recruitment consultancy. A good company can only ever be as good as its support staff, and Irwin and Dow ensure they only offer the best options in the industry. Having rapidly grown, the company now manages multiple sectors in the fields of finance, HR, and business support.

In the middle of launching a new company, I wanted to have reliable support staff on board. I didn’t want to be one of those people browsing Dubizzle, only to reel in amateur talent with questionable experience. So I decided to use the professional services of a recruitment company. Irwin and Dow popped up on my radar. Here’s a low-down of my experience with the company.

Industry coverage

A friend who works in Knowledge Park recommended Irwin and Dow. The company covers all the sectors required when laying down the foundation for a company. Right from finance to human resources and secretarial assistance, it was like a candy store for a new entrepreneur. I eagerly typed up an email, and started my correspondence with the company.

Service and expertise

With decades of experience in the Middle East, Irwin and Dow had the perfect tools and expertise to connect me to the right talent. The recruitment company works alongside small private companies, blue chip multinationals and government entities. The co-owners, Jocelyn Dow and Tracey Irwin, are both Recruitment and Employment Confederation certified. With this and rich experience on its side, Irwin and Dow is quickly climbing up the recruitment ladder in the UAE.


The weight of my project was massive, but Irwin and Dow sailed through it with immense grace. There never arrived a moment when my points of contact felt overwhelmed by all the work. They were thoroughly briefed, and attacked the project one task at a time. They were incredibly accommodating of my little requests, and ensured I was regularly updated on the project’s status.

Speed of service

While it took a few weeks to assemble my new team, Irwin and Dow worked as fast as they could while also paying attention to the finer details. It wasn’t a rushed process, and I felt involved at every step. I’d recommend working with Irwin and Dow because it’s a lovely company with warm employees that will get the job done with a smile on their face. I’m delighted with my company’s new team. Experts in their field, and fantastic people too. Can’t wait for our company Christmas party!

04 434 2878

Office F51, 1st Floor, Block 2A, Knowledge Park, Dubai




Founders are REC certified
Covers secretarial, admin and business support
Has thorough experience with the Middle Eastern market
Has been in the business for over 30 years
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