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  • What InternsME offers that your average recruitment agency doesn't is its unique "video resume" concept.

InternsME has one foot in the present and the other foot in the future. This recruitment company is setting bigger and better standards in the local employment industry. The urban company has made job hunting an informal experience, appealing to the budding millennial talent in the country. Introducing a unique concept, InternsME is the first video resume portal in the UAE. After analysing employer behaviour, it has discovered that “visumes” are the way forward. The company has worked with prestigious brands, including Apple, Skechers, Bose, Damac, and Visa.

InternsME swooped in and made my job hunt significantly easier back when I was a fresh graduate. As a media student, I practically spent my entire academic career either in front of or behind a camera. As the first video resume portal in the UAE, I thoroughly enjoyed applying for jobs through InternsME. Here’s a summary of my experience with the recruitment agency.

Industry coverage

With a focus on millennial talent, particularly in the media and marketing industry, InternsME doesn’t have much to offer on the science and engineering side of things. While most recruitment companies in the UAE tend to focus on property and oil and gas, it was a major relief stumbling upon a company that focuses its attention on the country’s blooming media sector.

Service and expertise

InternsME is a family of young professionals, including the CEO who is much younger than the average CEO out there. Sophisticated and savvy, the company was faster than lightening when it came to emails. InternsME takes the elbow grease and anxiety out of hunting for a new job by encouraging a personable and informal atmosphere. While our emails were littered with unnecessary exclamation points and emoticons, the company is highly efficient when it boils down to getting the job done. It even equipped me with a manual to help with my video resume.


Extremely flexible, InternME’s employees are some of the hardest working agents I’ve met. They’re communicative around the clock, and are always willing to bend over backwards if it means lending a helping hand. As an inexperienced fresh graduate, they accommodated my silly questions and ensured I had everything I needed to submit a quality video resume.

Speed of service

I imagine the atmosphere at the InternsME headquarters to be teeming with the sound of constant clicking and typing. Your emails will be responded to almost immediately, and your questions will be answered in admirable detail. There was never a moment when I felt neglected. The company ensured I felt secure and comfortable, despite the service being free to job seekers!

04 432 4500

Office 2003, Floor 20, Fortune Tower, JLT – Cluster C, Dubai




Focuses on media and marketing sectors
UAE's first video resume portal
Boasts a list of notable clients
Free service to job seekers
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