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  • The highest ranked recruitment company of LinkedIn, Hays UAE is recommended by 86% of its Middle Eastern clients
    Hays Recruitment

A global leader in staffing and recruiting, Hays has come a long way since its debut in 2005. The renowned recruitment company now has 33 global offices under its wing, two of which are housed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company specialises in permanent and contract recruitment solutions in the GCC. Given the profound presence of oil and gas in the region, Hays UAE also offers top career opportunities at notable local and international companies.

This summer was a tough one. Not only temperature-wise, but business-wise too. The well of gushing freelance writing opportunities dried up, and I was left hunting for scraps of work. I brushed the dust off myself, and decided to search for full-time employment until the freelance market was back in shape. After browsing for a handful of jobs on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon Hays. Here’s the low-down on my experience with the locally popular recruitment company.

Industry coverage

Hays’ industry sectors stretch far and wide. The company is a jack of all trades, covering fields ranging from legal services and logistics to procurements and personal assistants. When I spotted media on Hays’ list, I was delighted and instantly sent in my CV. Pro tip: If you’re a company looking for new field experts, you get a discount with Hays if you exclusively recruit through it.

Service and expertise

Two days later, I was contacted by a recruitment agent from Hays. He was personable, and quickly explored my professional background by shooting related questions my way. He inquired about the type of jobs I was looking for, and made a note of them. While the service seemed smooth, it wasn’t until interview day that I realised it needed some polishing. I walked into the interview, and the employer had my details jumbled up. The CV that Hays provided my employer with was a messy blend of right and wrong information. This put the interviewer in a sticky position, and instantly created an awkward atmosphere. Because my details were inaccurate, there wasn’t much we could do apart from talk about my previous experience and discuss the weather.


A representative from Hays contacted me after the interview, with not the faintest idea of what just happened. When I told him about my experience, he apologised but proceeded to imply it was my fault. He suggested that I perhaps submitted an incorrect or outdated CV. Since I was applying to multiple jobs, I took his thoughts on board. When I returned back to my desk, I verified the CV I submitted to Hays, and discovered it was the correct and updated version. Hays didn’t get in touch with me after the debacle, and I never heard back from the confused employer either.

Speed of service

The rate of Hays’ services was sporadic. While a recruitment agent contacted me a few days after I sent my CV in, the details regarding my interview took ages to arrive. Emails went missing, and Hays experienced some major technical issues during our correspondence. This lead to a warped CV being submitted to the company interviewing me, and it went downhill from there.

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Hays FZ LLC, Block 19, Knowledge Village, Dubai




Loyal clients can avail discounts
Highest-ranked recruitment agency on LinkedIn
Recommended by 86% of its clients in the ME
Has a specialised Emiratisation department
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