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Charterhouse Recruitment

  • With roots planted deep in the GCC's soil, Charterhouse is located in almost every emirate in the UAE.
    Charterhouse Recruitment

Charter House has spent the past 12 years rapidly growing in the GCC. With main offices in Dubai and Doha, the company has a firm grasp on the local recruitment market. With a firm understanding of talent acquisition and relationship management, this company is a key player in the regional recruitment industry. Not restricted to a limited number of sectors, Charter House offers career options across a wide field of industries – from accountancy to architecture.

After a brief hiatus in the UK, I had returned to Dubai and realised that my freelance clients had withered. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to get in touch with Charterhouse and hop back onto the full-time employment wagon. Having some experience with interior design, I was happy to welcome a refreshing career switch for a few months.

Industry coverage

While my services are diverse, writing is my core occupation. I was disappointed to discover Charterhouse doesn’t cover fields relating to public relations, media or marketing. I persevered for the sake of this review, and applied to its limited interior design vacancies. The company’s career fields aren’t exactly widespread, but that depends on what you’re after. The number of job vacancies featured on the website is scant, which made me doubt Charterhouse’s reputation.

Service and expertise

After getting in touch with a representative of the company, it was several days until she reverted back to me. She expressed a fleeting interest in what I was looking for, which further tarnished my opinion of the company’s services. I was greeted with a small number of interviews through Charterhouse, and they weren’t with notable companies. The representative emailed me with a vague address and the company’s contact details a few days prior to my interview.


When I described my unusual situation to Charterhouse, the representative couldn’t offer any alternatives to me. Our entire correspondence was marked with a general air of apathy.

Speed of service

It took a handful of days for Charterhouse to get back in touch with me after my initial email, and it only got slower from there. I spent hours waiting by the phone for news and updates, that trickled in instead of being delivered at an efficient pace. Perhaps the company was saturated with an overwhelming number of candidates, or maybe my case wasn’t of much interest to them.

04 372 3500

Suite 302, Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai




Operates all over the GCC
2016 salary survey available for download
Established in 2004; over a decade's experience
Features multinational and multilingual staff
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