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Career Pathing: Employee or Employer Responsibility?


Capture you Path


Commit your intentions to paper. Yogi Berra said it perfectly “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” A plan without commitment is vague at best; produce some clear written goals to focus your path. Remember to focus on the steps you want to take rather than the overall destination.


Coaching & Mentoring


Seek support from people and professionals whom you respect. Share your aspirations and your plan and seek their guidance and support. Ask for them to challenge you. Seek their professional expertise to identify alternative solutions and approaches. Ensure your coach / mentor is someone you trust and respect. Don’t just accept their feedback, discuss and debate and ensure their feedback is right for you.


Review & Amend


On numerous occasions a plan is made, and we only ever adapt it if and when we are asked to. When did anything in our life or in the world standstill? Why should it be static? Be flexible. Remember a plan is just that … a plan. By definition it is malleable. It is your responsibility to adapt it. Do not wait for circumstances to change your journey. Respond to change, embrace change, amend your plan and adapt to it.




Remember that we are only as good as the last thing we did. Your reputation is what people will remember you for. What do you want to remembered for? Really think about this and build it into your Career Path. This answer will enable you to think about not just the technical side of your career, but the way you want to do things.


Self Reflection


Above all else, set regular review time for your Career Path. Start back at number one and work though the list. The more you review your Career Path the more honest you will become. It is imperative to think logically about your path, but do not ignore your feelings. If you feel that your path is not progressing the way you wanted, then this will be your reality, as feelings are what drive us.


Take Action


Now you have a plan, make a start. Making the plan is only part of it … You must take action to make it happen. This is your journey! Whilst others may have an impact, it is down to you to make it happen. Ensure a balanced approach between the practicalities of your Career Path and how you feel and you are already starting to tread the path of your desires. Most importantly, enjoy the steps on the journey to your success!

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