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Career Pathing: Employee or Employer Responsibility?


The challenge with Career Pathing is that typically we focus on it when we are not in a particularly good place at work or we wait until our Employer takes the lead! Why, it’s your career not your company’s? As the saying goes be in control of your own destiny, and this should include YOUR career. We have compiled the following list to help you do just that … take your first steps now:


Focus on your career


Don’t wait until things go wrong. Think about what you want your journey to be. Why did you choose the path you are on right now? Is the path taking you where you expected to be? If not, be honest, why not?


Be honest with yourself


What do you enjoy in your current role? What don’t you enjoy? What would you like to do more of? What’s stopping you? All too often, people get focussed on the job title. But this is not what will continue to make us happy. Once we have a job title, that’s it. It has solved a short term motivational need. We need to look at the bigger picture. A job title does not define what we are or do! Out morals, business ethics and behaviours do.


Forget the job title


Let go of the need for a job title, a title does not define you. You are the person who defines you. A job title is a label. We are all living in a society where people are labelled and pigeon holed. Why? Whilst we live in an area of the world where job titles can prevail, remember it is what you do and your impact that will always define the success that will follow. You and your efforts are what people will remember, not the job title your Company gave you.


Take Control


Where do you want to be? Go for it! Set out a plan which includes key milestones and achievements. Look for opportunities which will help you to grow and develop. Identify opportunities that you are uncomfortable with, that will challenge you and stretch you. Challenge yourself to learn more and develop. Don’t wait for your Employer to do this to you. Build your own path. It’s your career, why let someone else be responsible for your destiny?


Developing your Career Path


What is the role you aspire to? What steps do you believe will get you there? Once you have identified the answer to these questions, you are half way there. Compile structured goals which will assist you in achieving your aspirations. Focus on lateral challenges as well as vertical. Remember, a building based on narrow foundations may not stand the test of time, yet a construction built on broad foundations will stand tall to any challenge.

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