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  • Workspace options range from renting out your own zone for pocket-friendly prices or sharing a desk with fellow entrepreneurs.

With 3000 global locations in 120 countries, Regus decided Dubai’s booming startup scene could use its cost-effective services. So the company set up a branch in Dubai 15 years ago, which rapidly multiplied into 23, and it’s been a popular name ever since. The company caters fully serviced offices to those who need somewhere to channel their creative juices, conduct a client meeting, or just use the office scanner. The website is smooth and savvy, just like the modern entrepreneur!

A few years ago, I dived into an exciting startup with a friend. We invested all the pennies we’d set aside for the project on core costs, ranging from staff support to equipment. When it boiled down to having an actual space to work from, we realised our cats wouldn’t let us turn the living room into an office. Regus was our next option – and its affordable prices saved us a small fortune.

Value for money

Regus is an absolute dream come true for new entrepreneurs on a tight budget. Office spaces are available for prices as low as 37 dirhams per person per day and business package rates start from a mere 10 dirhams per person per day. While these bills can certainly add up as the months pass, it isn’t comparable to the astronomical prices some premium business districts in Dubai charge!


Regus’ website design was sleek and simple – it answered most of my questions before I even thought them up. Radically different from the average business setup website in Dubai, I found Regus’ brand and approach refreshingly casual yet formal. When contacted via email, the company’s customer representatives are prompt to respond with all the details you need.

Service coverage

Regus covers a vast spectrum of different services, depending on what you’re looking for. This includes individually priced services from meeting rooms and office space to business packages and telephone answering options. The company has a significant global presence, and is situated in 23 unique locations in Dubai – ensuring its nearest office is always a short drive away.

Client support

While the website was highly informative, a journalist’s pocket is always bursting with questions. Regus’ customer service representatives were polite and patient – happy to help out with whatever queries and concerns I had. They ensured all the information they provided me with was clear and concise. Quotes can easily be obtained through the website or one can be requested by simply emailing the company. There aren’t any hidden fees or mystery charges. All the prices have been put out there, in broad daylight, for everyone to see. If you’d like to check out what you’re signing up for, a tour can conveniently be booked through the website as well.

Speed of service

The company jumped onto my request immediately, and started processing the required paperwork. Generally, the company’s services are spotless apart from the occasional unanswered phone call. The staff members are energetic and it never feels like they’re slacking on the job. Given the economic prices they charge, you get total value for every single penny you’ve invested. If you’re in a rush to set up a business, I’d recommend stressing your urgency.

800 73487


Level 19, Festival Tower, Festival City, Dubai

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Drop-in workspaces start from AED 6.40
Office tour can be easily booked online
Access to great administrative support
Regus has 23 locations in Dubai
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