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Genius Business Consultancy

  • Genius Business Consultancy is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the UAE.
    Genius Business Consultancy

Genius Business Consultancy is a one-stop-shop for business advice and solutions for entrepreneurs in the UAE. Based in the emirate of Fujairah, the company deals in various Dubai free zones. RAK Offshore and Global Vision University are some of this company’s multiple partners. Genius dedicates itself to being there for its clients and conducting business with honesty and integrity. While its team is modestly sized, it’s got a wealth of combined industry experience. Genius is one of the most rapidly growing companies of its kind in the UAE.

I’ve worked with a handful of business set up companies and Genius was a pretty challenging experience. When it comes to setting up a business, communication is key. And unfortunately, this is where the area the company lacked in. Here’s a low-down of my experience with Genius.

Value for money

While Genius’ prices are relatively affordable, you get what you pay for. The service is pretty scrambled here. I found myself having to repeat my requests and throw myself into a small battle over minor issues. If you’re willing to spend more time on the phone with Genius’ front desk than actually running your business, this company might be a wise choice.


Genius needs to massively improve on the communication front. It takes ages for them to respond to an email and getting a straight answer over the phone is downright impossible. The company is relatively younger than its local competitors, so it’s got a thing or two to learn before its services will be at par with the other companies in the business set up industry.

Service coverage

Genius offers multiple services from documentation and attestation to loan assistance and business advice. Other services include drafting documents, assembling files and managing submissions, translations, notarisations and legalisation, speedy approvals obtained from ministries and government departments, trade license assistance, and visa and work permit processing.

Client support

Working alongside Genius takes some getting used to, purely because we’re used to getting instant responses to our emails and expect our phone calls to be answered on the first ring. The company is new and claims to be one of the fastest growing ones in the industry. This is probably because it helps out with the speedy clearance of forms from government departments. A tip when you’re emailing the company is to follow up the next day or you’ll be waiting a long time before hearing back from the company. Make sure you call if you’d like to schedule a meeting.

Speed of service

The speed of service is particularly commendable when it comes to getting things approved from ministries and government departments. In other areas of service, it’s wise to be patient with Genius. The best advice would be to regularly follow up with the company and make your presence known. The most you familiarise yourself with the company and its team members, the more efficiently your requests will be managed over time.

050 8769329


1407, Creative Tower Building, UAE




Assistance with company bank accounts
Special package for individual investors
Registered agents of RAK Offshore
Based in the emirate of Fujairah
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