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  • Creative Zone grants its clients access to bespoke conference rooms in Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Business Bay.
    Creative Zone

One of the leading and largest names in Dubai’s business set up industry, Creative Zone is located in the heart of the city – Downtown Dubai. Setting up with this company comes with a variety of perks, from flexible payment options to dedicated account manager and PRO services. It specialises in all types of company registrations, from Offshore to Onshore and Free Zones. Save yourself a drive to Downtown, and apply online for the trade license of your choice.

Several people I know, including my partner, are subscribed to Creative Zone’s services. Given its renowned reputation, everyone is lining up at its door for help with license acquisition or business set up assistance. Here’s the low-down on what to expect while setting up with Creative Zone.

Value for money

While some might consider Creative Zone’s charges a little high, the benefits that setting up with this company provides make signing the cheque worth it. You get impeccable help with documentation, corporate paperwork, professional emails, and administrative tasks. Creative Zone is a delightful company with every single member of staff devoted to making your life easier. Using this company’s services also gives you access to conference rooms in central districts in Dubai, up to six residence visas, and discounted rates for on-site office desks.


I’ve always preferred chatting with customer representatives online than having a conversation with them over the phone. Maybe I’m an introvert or maybe the age of digitisation has made us more willing to push buttons on a keyboard than actually use our vocal chords. Anyway, I was delighted to be able to chat with a live admin and was hoping our conversation would be quick and simple. The chat bubble popped up and asked me for my details. After entering them, it instantly asked me what I needed help with. And that was it – that’s where to conversation started and ended. I inquired about the first step I was required to take when setting up a company with Creative Zone, and received no help. It was a pretty disappointing start to the day.

Service coverage

Creative Zone is one of Dubai’s leading business set up advisory firms. The company’s services stretch far and wide, ranging from assistance with emails and corporate paperwork to organising meeting rooms and arranging free zone licenses. Its licensing options include free zone areas, Dubai and Abu Dhabi LLC, and offshore licenses. The price and duration of these licenses depend on the type selected and a handful of additional factors that can be explored on the company’s website.

Client support

Creative Zone is always just a short phone call or email away. Its admin assistants are incredibly responsive to customers, and always have their finger on the industry’s pulse. They’re prompt to respond to emails, answer the phone, and organise required paperwork. They’re alert and informed about all the little details in business set up, with descriptive answers rolling off the tip of their tongue when asked a question about licensing, documentation, and general set up.

Speed of service

If all the required paperwork and documentation are in order, accompanied by the payment, Creative Zone will help you acquire a license or set up your company in a handful of days. The process is speedy and there isn’t a massive amount of inconvenient bureaucracy involved.

04 567 7333


Suite 1901, Level 19, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Downtown Dubai

Email form on website



Setup options start from 17,000 dirhams
Company documentation issued within days
One of the most trusted firms of its kind
Trade licenses can be applied for online
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