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The Great Reset - What You Must Know For The Safety Of Our Future

The great reset is an old idea, central economic planning, repackaged under a new name. The vast majority of intellectuals can't stand freedom. They believe that mankind is fundamentally flawed and needs to be remade under their careful guidance. Despite all that free markets have done to lift billions out of poverty, end famine, and create untold prosperity and wealth, intellectuals have incessantly called for government intervention and outright nationalization of industry. And yet every experiment in planning and state control has ended in abject failure.

The most recent battleground for the Great Reset comes in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has instituted cash payments to Ukrainian citizens as a reward for being vaccinated. The so-called "ePidtrymka" program would only allow recipients to spend the money on state-approved activities, and the funds would vanish within four months if they were not used. Only individuals with a green Covid certificate indicating that they had received both vaccinations could qualify. While the initial amount of ePidtrymka or "e-support" was only UAH 1,000 the program was expanded to include another UAH 500 for citizens who had taken a booster shot. A further 6,500 was later dispursed under this same program as economic relief for those who had lost their employment or business in war-torn areas. High-ranking Ukrainian government officials have publicly mused about their desire to institute a formal Universal Basic Income


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In the eyes of those who attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, the future of the human race is too important to be left in the hands of everyday people. Instead, we must rely upon their enlightened leadership to save us from ourselves. And what this means in practical purposes is more government intervention and control of the economy, even while Western economies are groaning under the weight of heavy-handed government regulation and burdened by record levels of debt. In the name of environmentalism and egalitarianism, they want to pursue an agenda of wealth redistribution, socialism, and state control. Make no mistake about it, the agenda of the global reset is to institute a world government from which there can be no escape.

Many Western politicians have expressed their desire for a great reset. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada has twice been a keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum. American politicians John Kerry and Joe Biden are on record supporting the great reset and its radical globalist agenda. Under the guise of “stakeholder capitalism” (economic fascism by any other name), the ultra-rich and the politicians who serve them want to enshrine permanently their position as oligarchs in the new world order.

If the so-called Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that there are no boundaries on how far the political elite will go to expand their power and their control over society. Under the great reset, individuals will have to surrender their autonomy for the greater good of the collective. Another battlefield for the great reset is in Ireland, where Irish officials have planned to implement Covid-style lockdowns in case of a possible fuel shortage brought upon by the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

According to leaks published in the Irish Independent, there are contingency plans in place at all levels of the Irish government that would implement harsh restrictions on movement and fuel consumption. Workers would be ordered to work from home, there would be restrictions on so-called “nonessential” car travel, and gas stations would limit how much fuel any individual could buy.

The agenda of the great reset is to do away with the notion of national sovereignty and instead impose on the world a globalist world governing body (controlled by the very elites who are pushing for the great reset, of course). After all, the future of the world is far too important to be left to the little people. And in the name of environmentalism or social consciousness, or whatever pagan god de jour, they will ban eating meat, ban driving cars, ban property ownership itself so that in the words of Klaus Schwab himself “you will own nothing and be happy”. And they will own everything, and be ecstatic. And what about the lives of the ranchers and oil workers whose livelihoods and prosperity are sacrificed in the name of the great reset? What about the families who can barely afford to keep the lights on as it is?  

The great reset is nothing more than an assault on Western civilization and our way of life. It is a bold-faced attempt by globalist elites to seize control of the global economy and forever enshrine their seat at the head of the table. The beauty of the market economy is that individuals and businesses can only succeed by serving others, by producing what people want and need. But under the great reset what the public wants becomes irrelevant and all that matters is what the elites in charge think is best.



Luckily, it’s not too late to fight back. We must do whatever we can to resist the control of globalists and the World Economic Forum. This means preparing for self-sufficiency, wherever possible, building strong community ties, and opposing politically and ideologically those who would remake society according to their own vision of how things should be.


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Mikkel Thorup

Written by Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup is the world’s most sought-after expat consultant. He focuses on helping high-net-worth private clients to legally mitigate tax liabilities, obtain a second residency and citizenship, and assemble a portfolio of foreign investments including international real estate, timber plantations, agricultural land and other hard-money tangible assets. Mikkel is the Founder and Director at Expat Money™, a private consulting firm started in 2017. He hosts the popular weekly podcast, the Expat Money Show, and wrote the definitive #1-Best Selling book Expat Secrets - How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas And Make Giant Piles Of Money.

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